Ms. Lucy Alpine

Ms. Lucy Alpine

Practice Education Co-Ordinator, Physiotherapy

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Lucy Alpine qualified from Trinity College Dublin in 2007 with a BSc in Physiotherapy (Hons). She worked clinically in a number of hospitals before moving to the role of Practice Education Co-ordinator in the Discipline of Physiotherapy Trinity College in 2004. She currently manages all aspect of the practice education component of the BSc in Physiotherapy. She completed a Diploma in Statistics in 2009 and her MSc by Research in 2012. Her research masters were in the area of hip fracture outcomes and follow-up care. In her role in practice education she has a specific interest in health profession education and has developed a framework for a 2:1 supervision model in physiotherapy. Other current research areas of interest in practice education include performance assessment in clinical practice, innovative service development with students and factors that influence health care professionals to supervise students.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Research Expertise

Practice education research interests include: clinical educator development, clinical supervision models, assessment of students during clinical practice, innovative service developments that support student learning and factors that influence health care professionals to become Practice Educators. Other research interests are hip fracture outcomes and elective orthopaedic surgery.

  • Title
    An investigation into the survival and follow-up care of a hip fracture populaiton in Ireland
    This study investigated the outcomes and follow-up care of 542 hip fracture patients in one large teaching hopsital in Dublin. Outcomes were assessed in terms of mortality, function and quality of life. Allied health care professional follow-up care was also investigasted to determine if it was in line with international guidelines.
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    Date From
    November 2006
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    December 2011



  • Dean's Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching in Professional Practice During COVID19 24/03/21
  • Rehabilitation and Research Society present day
  • Chartered Physiotherapist in Education present day
  • Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist present day
  • PECNET Present
  • Chartered Physiotherapists in Education commitee member/rotational chairperson. 2010 - 2012
  • Founder of the Practice Education Co-Ordinators Network (PECNET) 2013 - present