Dr. Barry Lyons

Associate Professor Medical Ethics and Law

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Research Expertise

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    Shame & Medicine
    Shame and Medicine is an interdisciplinary research project that is based at the University of Exeter, University of Birmingham, and Children"s Health Ireland. The overall aim of the project is to research the role of shame in various aspects of health and medicine, including clinical practice, patient experience and medical student education. The project is engaging a team of researchers in social sciences, cultural studies, medicine and philosophy to investigate the philosophy and cultural representation of shame in medicine, while also doing empirical studies looking at shame experiences in current healthcare practices and professional culture, particularly exploring how race, ethnicity, class, gender and disability impact on the experience of shame. The Shame and Medicine project will provide evidence that will improve the quality of health services and enrich our understanding of the experience of shame as it relates to health, professional practice and education.
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    Wellcome trust
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