Dr. Naoise Mc Garry

Dr. Naoise Mc Garry

Teaching Fellow, Clinical Microbiology

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Postdoctoral Researcher and Teaching Fellow conducting research on blood serum resistance and phylogenetics of extra-intestinal pathogenic E. coli with previous experience working in the environmental sciences industry. Graduate from Trinity College Dublin with a BA(Mod) Hons in Microbiology and PhD in Clinical Microbiology. One of 9 finalists for the Microbiology Society's Young Microbiologist of the Year 2019. I am currently appointed as a Teaching Fellow in the department of Clinical Microbiology, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin. My responsibilities include delivering lectures, tutorials and teaching labs to Healthcare Infection MSc students and undergraduate students in Medicine, Pharmacy and Human Health and Disease, as well as co-supervising a PhD student with Prof. Stephen Smith. I also design research projects and act as the primary supervisor of undergraduate and postgraduate MSc students during the course of their research projects. I designed a research project proposal (which was successful) to supervise a Laidlaw scholar in conducting research into alternative antimicrobial therapies, a project which bore very interesting results. Aside from these activities, I am continuing to conduct research in the area of my PhD thesis topic, investigating serum resistance and evolution of extra-intestinal pathogenic E. coli. This research has included the identification and characterisation of novel and previously identified virulence factors implicated in serum resistance, as well as the in silico analysis of 500+ E. coli genomes to evaluate the co-evolution of capsules and toxin/antitoxin systems in extra-intestinal isolates.

Research Expertise

Medical, Health and Life Sciences & Technologies, Other Health Sciences, Microbiology,


  • Young Microbiologist of the Year Finalist 2019
  • Microbiology Society Present
  • Peer Reviewer - PLOS ONE