DS Solutions Drop-in Online

If you have a disability support query that doesn’t require an appointment with your Disability Officer (for example clarification on disability registration, LENS report or your disability supports), please attend the daily drop-in when a Disability Officer will be available online (via MS Teams) or by phone to answer any brief queries or hear about any concerns you may have.

A poster explaining the DS Solutions Drop-in Online service

A Disability Officer will be available, 11am-3pm, Monday to Friday during term time

The drop-in is not an alternative to a Needs Assessment or a scheduled meeting with your Disability Officer, but we will be able to answer general queries and provide quick information on a range of issues, and can update your Disability Officer or make an appointment for you if follow-up is needed.

Due to restrictions the DS Solution Drop-in will take place online until further notice and booking is required for all Drop-in queries at 15 minute intervals.

If you are not free 11-3, you can still email your Disability Officer directly, or, for general queries, email askds@tcd.ie

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