Jennifer O'Connor

Trinity disAbled Internship Programme Officer


Jen is a graduate from the University of Galway with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages and Creative Writing. She has since completed a Master of Science in Disability Speech and Communication Skills which highlighted her interest in narrative studies, particularly in the context of autistic adults. After completing her MSc, Jen began advocacy work with the neurodivergent and disabled communities, whilst completing her Postgraduate Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching from University College Cork. Her interest in neurodiversity stems from her own dual diagnosis with ADHD and autism.

Before joining Trinity’s Disability Service, Jen worked extensively over the past five years with Intel’s Creative Science Foundation (CSf) as Creative Consultant, where she writes creative and academic science fiction papers and stories. Jen explored her passion for teaching by working with Kerry Education and Training Board, hosting, and facilitating literacy workshops and programmes for a diverse range of communities. After completing an advanced diploma in Narrative Fiction at New York University (2021) and taking part in Yale University’s Summer Fiction Programme (2023), Jen began her PhD at the University of York in English Literature and Creative Writing which she is currently completing. Jen’s research interests include the representations of neurodivergent individuals in popular media, disability studies and the intersectional nature of neurodivergence (queer studies, feminist studies etc). Jen currently runs her own blog and is constantly writing novels, short stories, and poetry.