Student role and progression through College

As a new undergraduate student in university you can expect a lot of new experiences and differences to what life is like in secondary school. In particular, going from a very structured routine with a consistent daily timetable and homework to a setting where class attendance may be optional and coursework is assigned weeks before the deadline is a major shift.

The Undergraduate Student Role

You will also have exciting new opportunities available to you, such as the option of getting involved in extra-curricular activities like college clubs and societies, and you can explore the campus to make the most of the learning spaces and environmental resources that can enhance your university experience. University is a great time to try new activities, meet new people and develop many skills that will benefit you during your time at university as well as prepare you for life after your course. For example, you might want to explore the Neurodiversity Society by connecting with them through their linktree

It’s very important to adapt to the changes of studying at third level, while making the most of the adventure of your university journey. To assist with this, it’s a good idea to be proactive in establishing plans and strategies. There are a wide variety of resources, supports and services at Trinity to work with you to achieve this, for example, through workshops and webinars provided by Student Learning Development and Library HITS.