Going Off Books or Returning to Studies at Trinity

Welcome to the dedicated resource for Trinity students considering a break from their studies, known as "Going Off Books," or planning to return after a period away. Deciding to pause or resume your academic journey is significant and may be influenced by various personal, health, or academic factors. It's crucial to approach this decision with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved.

Consulting with Support Services

Before making any decisions, we strongly encourage you to discuss your situation with your Tutor or the Disability Officer. They can offer personalised advice, help you understand the implications for your studies and support needs, and guide you through the process. Whether you're contemplating a break for health reasons, personal challenges, or considering returning to your studies, the Disability Officer is here to support you in making the best decisions for your educational and personal well-being.

Initiating a Conversation

If you're thinking about going Off Books or are ready to return and seek guidance on reintegrating, please reach out. Contacting the Disability Officer early can provide you with the essential insights and support needed to navigate these significant decisions effectively.

To set up an appointment or for further inquiries, email us at: askds@tcd.ie

By planning thoughtfully and utilising the supports available, you can manage these transitions smoothly and align them with your long-term academic and personal goals. Remember, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Click here to read the Trinity Off Books Guide if it did not open.