About us, more information

On this page you will find additional information about how the Inclusive Internship came to be, learn more about our aims – and find out how to offer feedback and suggestions.


Here at the Disability Service, we work closely with disabled students across all disciplines within Trinity, many of whom express concerns about accessing employment. In a bid to support our students further, the Inclusive Internship Programme was developed.

However, we also acknowledge that many of the barriers disabled students face when they first engage with employment are often related to a lack of knowledge by non-disabled employers about disability awareness, and reasonable accommodations. Therefore, the Inclusive Internship Programme fostered a mirrored approach to the programme; supports for interns and supports for employers before, during and after the internships.

How? (Objectives)

The Inclusive Internship Programme keeps its core objectives at the heart of every part of the process. Our objectives are as follows:


 It is important that education regarding employment, communication and self-advocacy for our interns is ongoing and a collaborative experience with the Disability Service. Similarly, it is equally as important that education regarding disability awareness, communication and reasonable accommodations for employers is also ongoing. As a result, we have developed a robust training programme covering a variety of topics.

(Aspects of programme – mirrored support)