Library Supports

The Disability Service works with the library to ensure that the needs of students with disabilities are adequately met.

  • All areas of the main Library complex are accessible.
  • Personal Assistants: Students with disabilities requiring a P.A. may bring their assistant into the Library with them or alternatively on production of the student's ID card, may borrow on their behalf.
  • Additional Borrowing Rights: Students with a disability who have applied for reasonable accommodation with the Disability Service may be entitled to extended borrowing privileges and access to material that is normally restricted.  Please note that this list is sent to the Library on the last Thursday of each month and may take a couple of days to be processed by Library Staff.

    This allows the student (or their Personal Assistant) to borrow up to 8 items that may include non-Len/S-Len (e.g. Arts or Stack) when Len categories are not available or in heavy demand. The system allows these students to borrow 3 further items from Reserve Collections for use within the library. Read our  Disability Loan Policy, or ask at the Main Enquiries desk in the Berkeley Library.

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