Common Ergonomic Equipment

Back Support

This well designed Ergonomic Back Support is shaped to ensure the spine is kept in alignment, whilst providing gentle lumbar and lateral support. Moulded to an anatomical shape, Assists correct posture, Lightweight and durable, Complete with adjustable fixing strap, Ideal for office style chairs

This Ergonomic Back Support and Pressure Reducing Cushion was primarily designed for use in wheelchairs, but many people have reported benefits in other chair types such as office style chairs; it can bring about a significant improvement in comfort, as well as improving sitting position. It provides stability- sideways stability is improved due to integral side pads within the cushion, comfort- eliminates pain in the back region which is in contact with the frame of the chair, and provides greater comfort than the existing backrest of the chair, relief- provides significant relief from spinal pressure points, distributes pressure evenly, and reduces pressure peaks in the shoulder area. The cushion is made from viscoelastic memory foam; the white foam provides gentle support down the spine, whilst the blue foam provides a firmer support providing stability.

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Ergonomic Chairs

Saddle Chairs - Its unique, triangular cushion encourages users to sit in a "saddle" posture, which lowers the thighs, rotates the pelvis forward and puts the spine into its natural curve. The "saddle" posture also reduces pressure points for longer-term comfort and allows users to get closer to their work. It is ideal for short duration computer work, clinical applications or as a side-seating option.

Spinalis Chair adapts itself to your movements. Thus it prevents an incorrect body position which is with conventional chairs rather the rule than the exception. The backrest is additionally padded in the loin area and gives the back a pleasant support. The backrest and the arm-rests are, independently from the seat & height adjustable. The backrest moves in harmony with you.

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Ergonomic Keyboards

Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard. Two key groups for letters with a central number group keep wrists straight and strain free. Redefined thumb groups with double height key for spaces (left space is the E with the Maltron Letter layout) now also have double height keys for return and tab. Central numbers suit both left & right handed users. The letter keys are angled inwards to match natural finger movements and the keys for the longer fingers are recessed further to reduce finger "cramping" and provide a more relaxed hand posture. Large palm pads give a comfortable resting and relaxing zone for hands and arms during "thinking time", to encourage blood flow and recovery.

The BigKeys Ergonomic Keyboard layout is four times larger than normal (2.5cm square) with function and some punctuation keys spaced well away from the alphabetic keys. This version of the BigKeys LX keyboard is for adults who only need the 60-character keyset, and who require large keys in order to type accurately.


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Other Ergonomic Equipment

Ergonomic Screen Filters. Cuts Screen Glare, improves sharpness, clarity and stability of images on your screen. Improves screen comfort and helps reduce visual fatigue or eyestrain for brighter eyes. High performance Anti-reflection optical coatings minimise reflective glare while medium tint 45% transmission filter (other transmissions available) enhances displayed information for the user.


Ergonomically Designed Mice that helps reduce stress to the nerve in the carpal tunnel and to the muscles in the user's arm. Optical Technology for smooth, precise, responsive operation, easy electronic scrolling function, needs just a single-click


These spongy Ergonomic Pen Pads provide a comfortable, non-slip grip when placed onto standard size pens and pencils. They relieve tension is your hand and enable longer writing time when managed.


Desktop Footstools - helps activate and stimulate circulation throughout the lower extremities. This dynamic tilting foot rest provides extra floor height and enables stretching of the calves while providing a stimulating massage to the feet. The Quickstep can also be used for therapeutic stretching and balancing exercises while standing.

Flat-Screen-Arm with gas spring assistance and Double Link offers virtually effortless screen positioning simultaneously for both height and screen to eye distance. Helps ensure optimum workstation posture is achieved, minimising visual fatigue while saving valuable desk space. Ideal for individual's multi-user workstation environments and multi-screen users.

This Ergonomic Readezy Book Rest holds paperback and hardback books, colour magazines, A4 documents. It is also adjustable angle to accommodate your most comfortable viewing position & foldable for easy transport and storage. Use at home - perhaps in the kitchen to rest your cookery book


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