Glen Wilkie

Student Intern

Glen is a full-time student working as an intern with the Disability Service this summer, assisting with the implementation of user-led accessibility audits across campus. As a wheelchair user, Glen has a long-standing and passionate interest in accessibility advocacy and inclusion. With his experience as a resident on-campus and as an active member of the
college community, he possesses an intricate understanding of the challenges and obstacles faced by disabled students in Trinity. His invaluable knowledge is an integral asset to this project, ensuring the identification of key issues and the realisation of practical, meaningful solutions for the student population.

His contributions aim to establish a new threshold for accessibility – beyond the standard dictated by legislation that does not reflect the real-world experience of those it aims to assist. His technical and experimental knowledge of these problems will mean he can advocate for his peers with the empathy and insight required to be successful.

Glen also actively pursues his interest in sport and powerlifting, as well as exploring how exercise can complement health-promotion activities and initiatives that he is familiar with from his studies as part of the Pharmacy programme.