Out of Hours and non-academic Personal Care

Trinity funding does not cover expenditure for personal care, medical treatment/ supplies, or other supports required outside study/ weekly course contact hours or the academic year, including those that can reasonably be expected to be provided by another agency such as the local health service where you are ordinarily resident. Some students may require personal care or support outside of their study and weekly course contact hours, such as assistance with:

  • getting up, going to bed, or adjusting position overnight (and during the day)
  • washing/bathing and getting dressed
  • help with eating or medication
  • using the toilet
  • domestic activities – cleaning your living area, shopping, laundry, preparing meals
  • leisure or extra-curricular activities
  • driving or helping you to get around outside study hours

The Disability Service can supply the details of college suppliers of personal support, however, arrangement and funding for personal support outside normal study or weekly course contact hours are usually supplied by the health service in the jurisdiction where you are ordinarily resident.  For students ordinarily resident in Ireland, this is usually the HSE.  Further information on applying for support from the HSE will be available from your GP or the College Health Service.

Incoming international and Erasmus, visiting, or exchange students should apply for funded support in their home country and/or home university in advance of arrival.

Travel costs to receive medical treatment are also the student’s responsibility.

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