The Chapel

The Chapel, Trinity College Dublin


Main Campus (Main Quadrangle/Front Square)

Accessibility rating:

Access to the Chapel is via the Presenters Room in East Chapel entrance, contact the Chaplaincy for access details.

Opening hours

Daily Services By Arrangement and Bookings for Main Chapel Services

For the Oratory Chapel the building is open 0830 to 1700hrs daily.

The general visiting public and tourists to Trinity College do not have open access to the interior of the Chapel, Presentation Room, Gallery Chapel or Gallery Balcony.

Building description

The building was built originally circa late 1790's, of 3 storey height stone construction and served by one southeast staircase accessing the Gallery Chapel, choir balcony and Organ, there are no lift facilities.

During the buildings' life it has remained as originally constructed,The main Chapel hall forms part of the overall structure which includes the East and West Chapel office blocks all constructed around the same era. Entrance to the building is from the Quadrangle Front Square via stone steps and through an external lobby area bordered by large stone pillars facing out south to the main square. During daytime hours the Front Square of Trinity is open to public viewing and unlimited access.

The only partially accessible part of the building is the ground floor level, but no permanent ramp is provided for wheelchair users to access the front main steps. Currently wheelchair users can access the Chapel via the 'Precentor's' room situated in the southeast corner of the building, access to which is only available through the East Chapel main entrance door. During Main Services and Chapel functions a temporary ramp is provided to enable wheelchair users to gain access to the Chapel frontage external lobby and level surfaces only within the internal Chapel area.

Facilities available

  • Main Hall (seating capacity of 150)
  • Gallery Balcony area (seating capacity of 60-70 persons)
  • Organ (centre of balcony area)
  • Gallery Chapel (seating capacity of 25-30)
  • 'Precentor's Room' for Chaplins and Choir robes changing room.