Ciara McGeough

disAbled Graduate Intern 2023


Ciara is a proud alumna of the Deaf Studies program at TCD. Experiencing deafness from the age of 15, her journey into understanding the intricate tapestry of the Deaf community's history and culture at the Centre of Deaf Studies in TCD was nothing short of transformative.

Her innate desire to uplift and support others has been evident in her numerous volunteering stints. Each experience has fortified her commitment to inclusivity and the belief that everyone's unique learning journey deserves acknowledgment and tailored support. This passion has led her deep into the realm of educational methodologies, where she constantly explores diverse models of learning. Her goal? To understand and apply the most effective approach tailored to individual needs, ensuring that learning is not just about absorbing information, but truly resonating with it.

As Ciara embarks on her next chapter with us, she is particularly excited about championing the disAbility Hub. She envisages it as a vibrant nexus of student partnerships and robust collaborations spanning various college departments. A cornerstone of her role will be the ongoing Community Engagement project, through which she hopes to foster stronger ties, promote inclusivity, and highlight the essential narratives of the disabled community. With her unique background and unwavering dedication, Ciara is poised to make a significant impact in her graduate internship role. Join us in welcoming her vibrant spirit and vision to our team!