Trinity Business School

Trinity Business School building opened May 23, 2019, following a five-year long project to develop the site.

The building, located on Pearse Street, includes a 600-seat auditorium and 140-seat lecture hall, alongside several smaller lecture theatres. It is a near-zero energy building, containing natural ventilation, solar panels, and two green walls on the outside in keeping with College’s sustainability policy.


Main Campus (Pearse Street side)

Accessibility rating:

Building is accessible at all levels

Opening hours

8.00am -10.00pm

Building description

The building was built circa late 2015-20. The building comprises of 8 storeys The upper floors are served by staircases at different points in the building, and 4 passenger lift. The building comprises of lecturer theatres on all levels, Tangent and Executive Business department, seminar rooms on all floors, open space for networking and eating on ground level. Toilets on all floors. The restaurant is to encompass a number of different areas, each of different learning and social spaces. The space includes an executive lounge, an outdoor area, and a more open plan space where students can sit together and engage in group work. Trinity’s Board Room is on the top floor.

Accessible entrances on Pearse street and from Rugby pitch side on campus with accessible doors. first and second floor entrance.

Accessible toilets on all floors, coffee dock on the first floor

All lecturer theatres have loop systems.

Facilities available

  • Coffee dock
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Toilets Accessible
  • Auditoriums
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Lecture Rooms
  • Offices
  • Forum Restaurant
  • Postgraduate accommodation above The Forum Restaurant More information Business - Trinity Business School | Trinity College Dublin (