Disability Consultation

A Disability consultation is available to students whose performance in coursework (assignments) and examinations is impacting on their progress in Trinity, and who believe that this may be related to a disability that is either undiagnosed or not yet disclosed to the university.

A consultation with a Disability Officer is provided for students who do not have evidence of a disability and it is designed to provide:

  • Discussion around academic challenges and how progress is impacted;
  • Information on options for external disability diagnostic assessment;
  • Introduction to available assistive technologies and other support in college. 

We recommend that students complete the following steps:

  • Allow at least one term or semester to settle into academic life, and to become familiar with university requirements, expectations, and skills.
  • Seek advice and support for learning through Student Learning Development including the academic skills module in Blackboard Learn.
  • Make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your Tutor.


The Disability Service does not carry out tests or assessments or other diagnostic procedures but can provide a Consultation including suitable advice on external assessment. The Psychological Society of Ireland provides a list of registered psychologists.

Students who are advised to seek a formal assessment and who experience financial hardship may apply to the Student Assistance Fund.

Student Assistance Fund form

You can request a disability consultation with a Disability Officer by emailing askds@tcd.ie.