Departmental Assessments Accommodations

In accordance with Trinity's Reasonable Accommodation Policy, departmental assessments carrying credit must align with the accommodation standards of College-run exams. The Disability Service, in collaboration with the Examinations Office, advises Schools and Departments on implementing accommodations as indicated in the LENS reports or through direct communication with students. Pre-assessment preparation is divided into three areas as outlined below:

For Academic Staff:

  1. Identify Students with Accommodations: Review the list of students registered with the Disability Service and note their required accommodations as specified in the LENS.
  2. Understand Examination Accommodations: Familiarise yourself with the specific accommodations each student needs.
  3. Seek Advice: For clarity or assistance in providing accommodations, contact the Disability Service by email at

Setting up Departmental Exam Venues

Consider the following scenarios for effective accommodation provision:

  1. Extra Time Accommodation (Code: GV):
    • Situation: Students need extra time for written exams.
    • Action: Arrange a nearby seminar room for the duration of the extra time. Ensure it's quiet and interruption-free.
  2. Low-Distraction Venue (Code: LV):
    • Situation: Multiple students require a low-distraction environment.
    • Action: Secure a separate, quiet room. Avoid clustering students with significantly different exam end times together.
  3. Laptop Use (Code: PC):
    • Situation: Specific students require laptops.
    • Action: Set up a computer lab or designated area with necessary facilities like power supply.
  4. Consultation with Disability Service:
    • Situation: Uncertainty about accommodation setup.
    • Action: Contact the Disability Service at for guidance.
  5. Communication and Confirmation:
    • Situation: Ensuring students are informed about their accommodations.
    • Action: Send detailed information about the accommodation, venue, and time. Confirm receipt and understanding.
  6. Emergency Plans:
    • Situation: Unforeseen issues on the exam day.
    • Action: Prepare backup plans like alternate venues or additional staff.

Student Responsibilities

For Departmental Assessments/Course Tests:

  • Initiate Contact: Reach out to the School/Department at least two weeks before the assessment to discuss accommodations.
  • Provide Documentation: Present your LENS report or the Exam accommodation email from the Disability Service to the administrator, executive officer, or lecturer.
  • Venue Arrangement: The relevant academic or administrative staff will organise the necessary accommodations, including the venue.