Technology & Accessibility

Enhancing your academic performance with technology.

The Disability Service provides helpful information about how you can make use of technology and adapt it to your study or teaching needs. Assistive Technology is defined as "any use of technology that helps you perform a task more easily". Assistive Technology is a broad field, ranging from the use of very simple technology such as your mobile phone or e-mail to very complex technology, such as the use of voice recognition software or technology that will read aloud information from your computer screen.

Enhancing your academic performance with technology: Advice and guidance for students

  • Accessible Zoom meetings

    Zoom's accessibility features include closed captioning, automatic transcripts, keyboard accessibility, and screen reader support.

  • Accessible Microsoft Teams meetings

    Microsoft Teams accessibility features include keyboard shortcuts, screen reader support, and live closed captioning.

Convert documents to mp4, eBooks or Braille using Blackboard Ally
  • Blackboard Ally online document converter

    Transform your files to formats that work for you through Blackboard Ally online document converter

  • Blackboard Ally - Getting started for students

    Download your course material in the required format using Blackboard Ally - Blackboard Ally - Getting started

  • Accessibility Features on computers/devices

    Follow the My Computer My Way guide to ensure that you are getting the most out of your computer/device and improving access to your course materials.

Enhancing your teaching output with technology: Advice and guidance for staff
  • Trinity guidance for Inclusive Teaching

    Our Guidelines for Inclusive Teaching Methods provide comprehensive advice on course content, learning outcomes, assessment, supervision, and physical environment

  • Blackboard Ally

    An added resource to Blackboard for all academics to view how usable and accessible their course material is within Blackboard-click here for Blackboard Ally support

  • Making teaching materials accessible

    Information is accessible when it is provided in a clear, easy-to-follow format. It includes printed information, web pages, and presentation materials such as PowerPoint, and video recordings. Our Guidelines for Creating Accessible Materials offer clear and concise advice on how to ensure your material adheres to the College Accessible Information Policy.

    Alternatively, visit ICT for Information on Accessibility to Learning

  • Guidance on Panopto's accessibility features

    Guidance and support on adding, editing, and adding captions to Ponopto online material - click here for support on ponopto accessibility