FreeMind mind-mapping software for PC or MAC

FreeMind encompasses a fine range of features, including;

  • Icons and color formatting options to help you visually organize concepts.
  • It also supports hyperlinks, which allow you to link Web sites and even documents to a map.
  • Export your landscape of thoughts in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF, and JPEG.

It's evident how mind maps like FreeMind can hasten note-taking, or help you visualize a project, paper, or process.

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Freemind Free Mind Mapping Software Tutorial Mind Map

Free Mind Map Software Tutorial

Freemind Review Mind Mapping Software - Visual Mapping Review Series 2013

I'm doing 7 reviews of mind mapping software in (about) 7 days. This is day #2. I'll download the software, spend at least 1 day with it, and then use it to create the review video.