DS Solutions Drop-in

If you have a disability support query that doesn’t require an appointment with your Disability Officer (for example clarification on disability registration, LENS report or your disability supports), please attend the daily Drop-in when a Disability Officer will be available to answer any brief queries or discuss any concerns you may have.

Disability Service Drop-in Poster

A Disability Officer will be available, 12-2pm , Monday to Friday during term time

The drop-in is not an alternative to a Needs Assessment or a scheduled meeting with your Disability Officer, but we will be able to answer general queries and provide quick information on a range of issues, and can update your Disability Officer or make an appointment for you if follow-up is needed.

If you are not free 12-2pm , you can still email your Disability Officer directly, or, for general queries, email askds@tcd.ie

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Trinity Disability Service has moved to its new home, Trinity disAbility Hub at Printing House Square, on the north side (Pearse St.) of campus. Our former office, Room 2054, the Arts Building is now closed.  

The following video  will show you how to find us at our new home: disAbility Hub Wayfinding Video. If you have any trouble finding us, contact us at askds@tcd.ie or call 01 896 3111 or 087 113 3185.