Social Supports

Campanile at Trinity College Dublin set against Autumn colours

Weekly Autism Drop-In Group

The Disability Service runs a weekly drop-in group throughout the academic year. This group provides a space for neurodivergent students to connect socially, to discuss experiences of life as a university student and to share tips and advice for making the most of third level education. To register your interest and for details of group dates and times, please complete the online form by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the group or if you would like to have a chat with the group facilitator about attending, please contact Clare Malone at

Occupational Therapy

There are loads of exciting things to get involved in within Trinity that also offer opportunities to meet new people and to participate in social activities. Getting involved in social and leisure activities is as important as your academic work, as it connects you to college life and helps you to build friendships. Occupational Therapy can help you to engage in social and leisure activities that you enjoy, and to find some new ones if you want to try something new. This may include:

  • Exploring your interests
  • Planning your routine to include time for leisure activities
  • Contacting societies
  • Meeting new people
  • Being in groups

For more information on Occupational Therapy please click here