Hard of Hearing / Deaf Technologies

For someone with a hearing impairment, it is easy to believe that their hearing aid is what sets the limits for how well they can hear –Although today’s hearing aids provide good sound reproduction, in demanding environments, users of hearing aids still experience the technology’s limitations.

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Hearing technologies aim to break down such barriers :

  • A microphone captures what is being said around a meeting table or of an individual sound source, such as a telephone or a lecturer.
  • The sound is processed so that speech is enhanced and background noise filtered out.
  • The sound is then transmitted to a receiver, and from there to the user’s hearing aid, hearing implant or headphone.

Trinity Supported Software

Roger Pen

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An all-inclusive wireless microphone for use at work or home, the Roger Pen offers best speech understanding in noise and over distance, plus Bluetooth connectivity

Full speech understanding
Understand up to 62% more in noise and over distance compared to people with no hearing loss

Microphone settings automatically adjust to noise levels and speakers around you

Phonak Roger Pen - How to Use

This video shows how to use the Phonak Roger Pen


Live captions and effortless note-taking

Add captions instantly to your meetings, lectures, or seminars, either in-person or online.

You can also add timestamped notes, synced to your transcript, and highlight key information so you never miss out on the important stuff.

Learn more at our Caption.ed page.

Video Introduction for Caption.Ed

Caption.Ed provides you with captions any media - live or pre-recorded. From a Zoom meeting to a recorded lecturer, simply install Caption.Ed in your browser or on your computer or Mac, start your media and enjoy.

Trinity installed loops Systems

A loop System enables hearing aid users hear various sound sources in large rooms or reception areas, in auditoriums, offices, theatres, or other large public areas.

Loop system symbol

A loop of insulated wire is present around a designated listening area connected to a power source, an amplifier, and a microphone.

Hearing aids which have the ‘T’ switch can be set at this position, thus allowing the user to receive a signal, which carries from the microphone to the amplifier and is transmits through to the loop wire, like a transmitting aerial.

Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Live Transcribe for Android

This app is only available for Android. We are currently looking for an iOS equivalent.

Live Transcribe is an Android application developed by Google. This app uses the accessibility icon in your phone's navigation bar so you can easily access it.

You can download Live transcribe as a regular app if it is not already present on your phone. You can then enable it in your phone's accessibility settings.

You can find more information at the Android Accessibility Help page for Live Transcribe.

Android Accessibility: Live Transcribe

Imagine a world where people who are deaf or hard of hearing can have everyday in-person conversations, in real time. Google research scientist Dimitri Kanvesky and engineer Chet Gnegy worked together to bring Live Transcribe, a new Android app, to life to accomplish just that.


Otter Logo typing out transcripts

Typing out transcripts or taking notes during a meeting takes too much time and effort. And it is precisely the kind of “work about work” Otter.ai wants to help reduce. Otter turns your voice conversations into smart notes that you can easily search and share. You can use it to take notes at your meetings and interviews, capture your thoughts and ideas while you are driving in the car, and transcribe your existing recordings and podcasts.

How to use Otter.ai

Transcription app


VoxSci Mobile. Tap or scan QR to download.

VoxSci transcribes your voicemails into text and delivers them to your mobile as a text (SMS) message and/or as an email with MP3 attachment. Alternatively, you can read/listen to your voicemails via our FREE App.

VoxSci App

With the free VoxSci iPhone and Android App voicemail messages are automatically transcribed into text so that you can automatically read your voicemails as well as listening to them on your mobile phone.

Academic Support help

For further help and gaining strategies to help you take effective notes please view are academic support page which give you information on:

  • How to use your lecture note effectively
  • Strategies for taking notes in a lecture
  • Introduction to the Cornell method of notetaking