Information for Staff with a Disability

The Code of Practice Applying to the Employment of People with Disabilities is the core document which outlines the University's commitment to supporting staff with disabilities. The code of practice describes entitlements and duties regarding staff with disabilities. It also describes manager's obligations to implement the code.

These guidelines are designed as an information resource: they are by no means exhaustive or prescriptive. For further guidance please refer to the Code of Practice or sources of contact.

The Disability Service is responsible for carrying out an needs assessment for staff with disabilities in Trinity. Disability needs assessments determine the level of support that staff require. Based on appropriate evidence of disability and information obtained from the staff on the impact of their disability and their work, the Disability Staff member will identify supports designed to meet the staff members disability support needs.

The following areas are addressed:

  • Nature of disability or condition, to include: impact on education, severity, hospital admissions etc.;
  • Treatment: any medication they are taking, outpatients' appointments, physiotherapy;
  • Previous support: what arrangements were made in their workplace, if any;
  • Current difficulties: what difficulties does the staff member anticipate they may have with their work;
  • Access to equipment and IT facilities;
  • Appropriate work based and disability support. These might include, for example, accessible workplace, in-work support,

The Needs Assessment process also helps determine whether or not the staff member requires funded supports that will be supported via a staff with disability cost code in Trinity Human Resources. 

Code of Practice Form