Postgraduate Student Supports

Trinity College Dublin welcomes applications from disabled Postgraduate students. Disabled Postgraduate students (both taught and research) are encouraged to apply to the Disability Service for reasonable accommodation.

Each student applying for supports is provided with a Disability Officer and a Needs Assessment where reasonable accommodations are identified and discussed. Agreed supports can be communicated to other areas in Trinity if needed. Reasonable accommodations agreed at Postgraduate level may differ in form or scope from those at Undergraduate level as these are determined by course and level of study. To allow reasonable accommodations to be put in place, we may need to communicate with academic staff in your department, but this will be discussed with you, prior to any contact being made. You decide who you wish information to be forwarded to.

Applying for a Postgraduate course in Trinity? Do you need help?

Applying for a Postgraduate course can be a daunting experience. If you are disabled this may present additional challenges. In the past, Postgraduate students have sought guidance on course entry requirements, disclosure, interview supports, application for rooms, academic supports and many other areas. If you would like assistance in the application process or would like to discuss any aspect of Postgraduate student life or your support needs, the Disability Service is available to offer support and guidance.

Disabled students are encouraged to apply for Reasonable Accommodations with the Disability Service to avail of supports that may help them to participate fully in all aspects of college life.

Disability Services for Post Graduate Students

Trinity Disability Service aims to develop clear and effective support systems at all stages in the student journey, from entering university, to graduation, to employment.