Hub Statement

disability: describes the activity being provided yet focuses on the positive aspect of the term, ‘Ability.’ It allows individuals to choose where they place the emphasis based on their preference.

Hub: will be based at the centre of this new hive of activity and will become the point on the Trinity campus from which all disability related activity/enterprise will emanate.

Leaders' Project

The Leaders' Project is to celebrate disabled Trinity graduates who have gone on to make a difference both in Irish society and globally. The memory of these graduates has literally been built into the identity of Printing House Square, with each of the main meeting rooms named after one of the Leaders.  In addition, a painting of each leader can be seen hanging in each room. These painting were commissioned as part of the Leaders' project and were created by artist Tara Kearns. On the page you'll find profiles of the Leaders, interviews and links to examples of their work.

Student Partnerships

Provide opportunity to engage in student partnerships to further develop soft skills through cocreation, codesign and coproduction campaigns, project work and team working experiences. This involves: 

Community Engagement

Trinity Disability Service is launching the Trinity Disability Community Engagement Project, an initiative targeted at the disabled community in Trinity and beyond. The aim of the project is to support the disabled community in Trinity to engage and immerse themselves in activities associated with student life, graduate attributes formation both within and outside of the Trinity College community.

This strategy outlines how community engagement supports the work of Trinity College Dublin in being more inclusive and gives disabled people a sense of belonging. The Disability Community Engagement Project is intended to guide Trinity in its partnership and engagements with disabled people and the broader community.

More information on the Trinity Disability Service Community Engagement Project can be found here.