Declan Treanor - Disability Service Director

Declan Treanor

Disability Service Director

01 896 3475


Declan launched the third Disability Service Strategic Plan (2020-2025) in December 2020. This plan outlines the alignment between DS activities and Trinity objectives and provides information on how the DS aims and objectives will be delivered over the next five years of the strategic plan. The DS continues to be embarked upon a major transformation in the provision of services and organisational change, in order to achieve our ambition of being the number one choice for disabled students in Ireland. We are committed to providing inclusive, modern, integrated, high-quality, and cost-effective front-line services that make a real difference to the Trinity community.

Work is ongoing on the transition to new offices in Printing House Square: this is an exciting time with many changes proposed and a new identity, see more on our Printing House Square webpage. Declan continues to work on a number of strategic projects, these include developing a sustainability plan for Printing House Square, universal design guidelines for the built environment projects, the neurodivergent project, and supporting the Ability co_op in its formation.

Introduction to the Disability Service Staff at TCD - Declan Treanor

Declan talks us through the introduction to the Disability Service at Trinity College Dublin.