What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology (AT) provides helpful information and support about how you can make use of technology and adapt it to your study needs. Assistive Technology is defined as "any use of technology that helps you perform a task more easily".

Assistive Technology

Getting started with Assistive Technology in Trinity

Assistive Technology is a broad field, ranging from the use of simple technology - for example, your mobile phone or e-mail - to complex technology, such as use of voice recognition software or technology that will read aloud information from your computer screen.

Assistive Technology Masterclass Sessions

Please take a look at past Assistive Technology Masterclass Sessions which provides information and support on the most used technologies to get you up and running with your technology needs.

Click on this link to view the full list topics covered.

If you have never used assistive technology before, take a quick look at these great tools available to you which can support you in your studies:

Quick Guide to installing common assistive Technology Tools

Click here for a quick guide on installing the apps recommended above.


Other Assistive technology tools available to students within Trinity

Below is a list of Assistive Technologies available to Trinity students:

How can I get help with Assistive Technology at Trinity?

Meeting with the Assistive Technology Officer

If you feel you have specific requirements in your use of Assistive Technology you can ask your Disability Officer to make an appointment with our Assistive Technology officer, Andrew Costello, to ensure that the technology matches your study needs and environment.

For more information about the assessment process, and how to make an appointment please click on this link.

In addition, please review the monthly Disability sway communication which is sent directly to your TCD inbox with further support and videos on this area.