Mental Health Supports

Trinity College Dublin, like many other third level institutions, has seen a significant rise in the number of students with mental health difficulties accessing the university. Trinity has the highest number of students with mental health difficulties studying in third level education (Ahead, 2017) and in 2017-2018, mental health for the first time was the largest cohort of students with disabilities applying with DS for support (126 of 499).

The Trinity College Disability Service has developed a suite of resources and supports for students with mental health difficulties, which aim to support the student at all stages of their academic journey, from transitioning into College, first year, to graduation, and into employment.
All students with mental health difficulties on applying with the DS will have a needs assessment carried out by one of the Occupational Therapist (OT) and can continue to get on-going support throughout their time in Trinity from the OT.

Trinity also provides other mental health supports, these include Counselling, GP and Psychiatric Supports. Student Services utilises a multi-disciplinary approach, and is comprised of an experienced team of individuals who work to support students with complex disabilities.  To assist all Student Services in supporting this student cohort a Student Services Co-ordinator has started working in Trinity (December 2017). This is the first role of its kind in a university in the Republic of Ireland.

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