Evan Cryan- Summer Intern


What did I work on?

Over the last few months, I worked with the Trinity Disability Service to help them prepare for incoming students. This involved: 

  • Creation of new student and parent handbooks, made through Sway. 
  • Organising several pre-orientation events, including the July and August Webinar.
  • Updating the Comms calendar and collaborating with staff on what events the DS would put on during Michelmas 
  • Creating social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise our events and to also give general important DS information.
  • Revising sections of the DS website and updatingthe specific disability leaflets.
  • Preparingfor the DS' main event on the 16th September – creating a presentationorganising an interactive Scavenger hunt and getting other students registered with the DS involved on the day.


What did I learn?


Although it was challenging navigating workplace management structures, I feel like this was a great opportunity to learn about workplace etiquette. As this was my first time being employed, other staff members were understanding of my mistakes and now I feel like I'm more ready for future work. 


I gained a lot of confidence during my internship. During the first month, I tended to undermine my abilities and speak negatively of myself, especially when it came to giving presentations. Having confidence in myself and my own abilities and, also, understanding my own limits will be important in future.



Student handbook https://sway.office.com/1w0MF1KkW7sJos2Y?ref=Link&loc=mysways

Transgender and autism video https://www.instagram.com/p/CfLwrOpLZTi/