DAWN Examination Policy and Guidelines Review 2024

Welcome to the DAWN Examination Policy Review Initiative!

Trinity disability Hub is leading on a significant review of the national DAWN examination guidelines in 2024. This webpage serves as your hub for all updates, documents, and communications related to the 2024 examination policy and guidelines review. Our goal is to refine and standardise examination practices across higher education institutions (HEIs) to ensure fairness and accessibility for all students.

Working Groups & Focus Areas

We have identified four key focus areas for this initiative. Participants are invited to contribute to the following working groups:

  1. Formal College Examination Accommodations
    • Standardise accommodations within formal examination settings.
    • Address logistical arrangements to ensure fair and accessible examinations.
  2. In-Course Credit Bearing Assessments
    • Develop guidelines for assessments integral to credit-bearing coursework but not classified as formal exams.
  3. Assistive Technology and Logistics of Examinations
    • Investigate supports and logistical needs for the effective use of assistive technology during exams.
  4. Professional Course Assessments
    • Customise accommodations and guidelines for professional courses, including clinical or practical components.

Contact and Support

For any questions or additional support, please contact Declan Treanor at dtreanor@tcd.ie


This is an exciting initiative, and we are committed to achieving our set objectives. We look forward to your active participation and valuable contributions. Together, we can make a significant impact on the accessibility and fairness of examination processes across all HEIs.