Trinity PATH 4 Project

The Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH) is a dedicated fund committed to increasing participation by under-represented students. In May 2020, Minister Harris announced a new strand, PATH 4.

Phase 1 (2022): Universal Design Fund - Supporting inclusive universally designed higher education environments for all.

Phase 2 (2023-2025): Proposals for course provision for Students with Intellectual Disabilities.

To create an accessible campus that is welcoming to all disabled students, especially those with an intellectual disability.

As intellectually disabled (ID) students seek third level education opportunities in Trinity, we must ensure we make our university accessible and inclusive to this cohort of students.

A cursory review of TCPID, however, demonstrates a vast array of practices, with some elements of its programs being inclusive while demonstrating aspects of segregated, non-inclusive environments and supports. These include specialized curricula separate from the college offerings; separate entry systems and supports offered in-house.

Trinity is furthest ahead in developing ID programmes, so this is an opportunity to reflect on what is working well and what needs refinement to ensure we are a fully inclusive space for students with ID.