Research Programme Review

This evaluates the inclusivity of the student experience within a research programme. Areas covered include:

  • Pre-admission
  • Induction and Orientation
  • Physical Environment
  • Accessible Information
  • Information Technology
  • Supervision
  • Training Opportunities
  • The Viva
  • Student Feedback

Who should complete this evaluation?

The director of teaching and learning, director of research for your discipline or any other member of staff sufficiently familiar with the research programme. There is an option to add collaborators for the evaluation. This is found on the evaluation front page of an open evaluation. This can be useful where you would like a variety of people to contribute to the evaluation.

When and why should I complete this evaluation?

You can complete this evaluation anytime. It will help you ensure that your provisions for research students are inclusive and accessible to all, so that your students can engage more fully with the discipline and their subject, and can research, and express their results, more effectively.

It may prove particularly useful if you are evaluating your area as part pf a quality review or reviewing your research provision.

How long will it take?

The evaluation will take approximately one hour. You can save your work at any point and return to it when you are ready. More information on time taken to complete can be found . 

Where should I complete the evaluation?

You can complete the evaluation anywhere you have internet access.