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How to get support with Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Group Sessions

pc training - 3 three users using a pc Throughout the course of the academic year, the Disability Service will host a range of group sessions on a range of commonly used Assistive Technology topics. These sessions are open to all students who have applied for reasonable accommodation with the Disability Service.

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  • Note taking Supports - Talking notes at third level is very different from taking notes at second level because, unlike secondary school teachers who rely mostly on textbook teaching, university professors tend to "freestyle" a lot of their information, especially during lectures. For students with a difficulty with note taking strategies, and keeping up with the hectic pace of note taking within lectures, there are a range of technology supports that aim to alleviate and reduce the need for extensive written notes. In this group session, the Assistive Technology Officer will introduce an wide range of tools (for both PC and Mac), and apps for mobile technology that can be easily adapted to make this task easier to complete. For more information of note taking technologies, please click on this link to view our support page.

  • Academic Support Tools - Academic Support Tools aim to bring greater variety and flexibility to students can read and proof there academic work ensuring it is at a standard for submission. These independent tools allow the student to use technology as a primary support tool for the completion of academic work and grow confidence in there reading and writing style. This session will introduce a wide range of tools available to the student of the Disability Service to trial and download. For more on such technologies please click on this link.

To attend any of these sessions a student can reserve a place by clicking on the event on the calendar located on the Disability Service homepage.

Meeting with the Assistive Technology Officer

If you feel you have specific requirements in your use of Assistive Technology you can ask your Disability Officer to make appointment with our Assistive Technology officer, Andrew Costello, to ensure that the technology matches your study needs and environment.

Student Assessment Process - Matching Student & Technology (MST)

The Matching Student & Technology (MST), assessment process assessment ensures that any technology you wish to use meets your study needs. It also ensures that you have the necessary IT skills to use the technology and maps out any further training or support needed.

The MST Assessment Aims:

  • To provide feedback about what a student thinks and feels towards technology and their learning needs
  • To give students the opportunity to select and use the resources that best suit their individual need
  • To consider how assistive technology can be used when transitioning to employment

Three-step MST Assessment:

  1. Initial use of technology - First complete the online assessment giving details about past technology use. This will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and is done prior to meeting with the AT officer.
  2. Matching Student & Technology Assessment - Once you have completed the online assessment you will meet 1:1 with the AT officer. This meeting will last 30-45 minutes and will examine the student's educational activities in order to determine how Assistive Technology can be incorporated.
  3. Feedback - At the end of the year, students are asked to complete a feedback survey online. This will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will ask the student about their experiences using Assistive Technology. The student will also meet 1:1 with the AT officer to discuss the use of assistive technology during the year and how it improved.

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