Needs Assessment Process for Staff with Disabilities

Stage of Process

Role of the Disability Service

Role of the staff member with disability

Role of the manager

Disclosure of disability

Staff member arranges meeting with the Disability Office in the Disability Service (DS) to discuss disclosure options, in confidence. (Optional)

Meet manager and raise impairment/disability issue
Disclose disability (if undisclosed).

Meet member of staff.
Respond positively to disclosure and discuss options.

Activating needs assessment process


Seek and provide medical documentation to confirm disability for the needs assessment meeting with the Disability Officer.
Arrange meeting with Disability Officer directly.


Needs Assessment

Disability Officer and staff member meet to discuss disability needs and issues in work.
The job description, work duties, work environment, accessibility, safety and egress considerations are addressed as part of the individual's needs assessment.

Provide detailed job description and access to work areas.
Disability Officer and manager meet to discuss needs and issues in work.

Reasonable Accommodations

DS recommends supports and provides specific information about supports that may be available.

Agree to reasonable accommodations.

Agree to reasonable accommodations as practicable within a reasonable timeframe.
Arrange/implement accommodations.

Report of Needs Assessment

Disability Officer draws up draft report.

Review report and suggest changes. Staff member signs final report.

Review report and suggest changes. Manager signs final report.

Agreed final report circulated by the DS to staff member, manager and Human Resources, if required.



Review annually with staff member, if requested.

Staff member to report any issues to managers and DS.
Staff member to arrange to meet DS to review reasonable accommodations if required. Onus on staff member to activate.

Review regularly with staff member.


Review the code of practice with the Equality Committee.

Provide feedback to help further develop the code of practice.

Provide feedback to help further develop the code of practice.

Note: Throughout the code 'manager' is used to refer to the employee's line-manager - be they Head of School/Department/Area, Manager, Supervisor, etc.

Employee/Staff member is used to refer to all categories of Trinity staff (academic, administrative, support, etc.)