How to apply for Temporary Disability Examination Support

Temporary Exam Support is arranged by the Disability Service and the Assessment & Progression team in Academic Registry for students sitting Trinity examinations. For any online exams please contact your module coordinator to discuss temporary supports. 


Temporary Exam Supports are intended for students who have an injury or temporary condition, with documentation dated within 4 weeks of the application for Temporary Exam Support. This applies to in-person end-of-semester exams. 

A temporary disability can be defined as a disability that affects a student for a short period of time. These conditions usually affect the student for a period of less than 6 months. The types of temporary disabilities supported by Trinity include broken arms/hands that prevent a student from completing a written examination. 

Required Medical Documentation 

Students must supply recent medical documentation that must cover the exam period and be dated within 4 weeks of the application. 

Medical documentation must meet the following requirements: 

  • It must confirm a specific diagnosis of an injury or a temporary condition. 
  • It must be from a GP or other health professional e.g., hospital consultant, counsellor etc.  
  • Please ensure your documentation is signed and stamped or it may not be accepted. Word documents, emails, or phone numbers to call medical professionals will not be accepted. 
  • It must be on headed paper. 
  • It must contain your name and details. 
  • It must be dated. 

Documentation that does not meet the requirements above will not be accepted. All documentation will be destroyed annually following the second semester exam period. 

The Evidence of Disability Form used in Trinity should be completed by your treating doctor. In the case of mental health issues, a letter from your GP/counsellor on headed paper should be completed outlining the reason for temporary examination needs. 

Students should complete the temporary disability examination support by uploading their evidence of disability form using their student portal as outlined in the Reasonable Accommodation Application Process. 


Deadlines for Application

* Semester 1: 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the Semester 1 exam period.
* Semester 2: 2 weeks prior to beginning of the Semester 2 exam period.

Please contact the Disability Service at if you have a temporary disability request.