disAbility Hub

Develop a disability identity, community and space for community engagment events within the disAbility Hub and acting as a model for the wider Trinity Community. This will involve:

  • Identity
  • An inclusive Trinity community
  • Training and resources
  • Events

Over the past number of years, the Disability Service has been engaging with disabled students, the Trinity Ability co_op, The Neurodiversity Society, The Autism and ADHD drop-in groups, the TCD Student’s Union, and staff through campaigns, awareness-raising initiatives, presentations, surveys, and focus groups. The goal of these consultations was to decide upon a new name for the service when it transitions to its new home at Printing House Square. After careful consideration, the new name proposed following this consultation and design process is: ‘Trinity disAbility Hub.’ Over time it is imagined this space with become the Trinity Ability Hub.

This name was chosen because it accurately describes the service being provided, while also focusing on the positive aspect of the term "disability". By capitalising the "A" in "disAbility", it allows individuals to choose where they place emphasis based on their personal preference and relationship with the term.

The Trinity disAbility Hub will be based at the centre of this new hive of activity and will become the point on the Trinity campus from which all disability-related activity/enterprise will emanate. It will be known for user-led best practice in disability support and resources. Student partnership and mutual learning and the raising of awareness for disability-related issues will be key.

A key part of this strand is the Leaders' Project, which celebrates noted disabled alumni who have contributed greatly to Trinity and to wider Irish society.