SafeZone is a voluntary app that increases the security and safety of students and staff while in a Trinity location. It provides immediate access to Trinity resources to aid in cases of emergencies or when an alert is raised.

SafeZone enables you to raise alerts (by pressing the emergency button on the App) or seek assistance when onsite in Trinity. Once an alert is raised by pressing the emergency button, the user's location is shared with the Trinity security team who will respond to you. The App allows users to check in for specific time periods and if they do not check out within that period, an alert is automatically sent to security.

As part of the app, the Disability Service closed group allows the College to notify you of any urgent accessibility updates by sending a push notification to your phone. This includes notification of fire alarms in buildings, lifts out of order, or temporary restrictions of access routes due to maintenance or building works. The app also allows students and staff to call for assistance or notify of their location to College Security if they need assistance in the event of an emergency.

You can register to be included in the DS closed group using this online form.

Download the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store (details included in the following link):

Registration using your TCD Email.



Safe Zone App - Trinity Disability Service

Safe Zone App - Trinity Disability Service