“The OT support was extremely helpful in trying to organise all assignments and work due and trying to find different strategies that helped.”

Group of students holding up cards in a lecture theatre.

During the academic year, there can be times where you can feel overwhelmed with the workload due to high levels of course demands or having to balance them with work / personal life. This can be especially so, if you have been absent from college for a period or have missed deadlines, and it feels like the work is piling up. OTs in the service are skilled and experienced at helping students to break down the workload into manageable chunks and establishing realistic plans to getting it completed.
This may include:

  • Study planning for exams
  • Identifying study methods that work with your learning style
  • Research Planning 
  • Goal Setting and review
  • Communication of your work plan to your department / supervisor
  • Applying for extensions on assignments