Rachel Murphy

disAbled Graduate Intern 2022

Rachel Murphy, a highly talented and impactful asset, served as the second graduate intern for Trinity's Disability Service in 2022, having previously been a summer intern in 2021. She played a significant role in the development of the Trinity Ability Co-op and the creation of inclusive student bodies guidelines, earning a USI award for her contributions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Project Leadership: Efficiently managed projects, collaborating with senior staff to ensure timely completion.
  • Student Partnership: Coordinated the Trinity Ability Co-op, engaging a diverse student body and maintaining its student-led and independent nature.
  • Partnership Building: Supported TCDSU's Disability Officer, planned Disability Awareness Week, and established partnerships with groups like the Neurodiversity Society.
  • Support for Student Interns: Created training programs, organised meetings, and assisted with work plans and scheduling.
  • Co-creation and Co-design: Ensured compliance with the Student Partnership Agreement, developed mechanisms for student contributions, and promoted co-creation within Trinity

Rachel's dedication, leadership, and innovative efforts have significantly enhanced the Disability Service and the overall student experience at Trinity College Dublin.