Getting Information Ready for New Students

Ensuring clarity and embedding inclusive practices into admissions and pre registration procedures ensures that prospective students:

  • Have a positive first impression of the institution,
  • Know how to proceed through the application process, leading to higher recruitment numbers,
  • Can make informed choices when choosing a programme of study, leading to higher retention rates.

Guidelines for Inclusive Pre-Admission processes


Ensure all materials:

    • Are available externally (if online).
    • Follow the College Accessibility Policy.
    • Give clear, unambiguous and accurate information to students.
    • Are updated frequently
    • Are available to students in different formats (including print and electronic),
    • Are available as early as possible.

Programme Requirements: This video asks are programme requirements free of unnecessary barriers (length 51s).

Programme Requirements

Programme Requirements

Application process

Ensure your:

    • All pre-requisites are necessary to the successful completion of the course
    • All pre requisites are clearly signposted in your materials for prospective students,
    • Prospective students know what is expected of them.
    • Application forms are clear, easy to access, and accessible to complete.

It is useful to give prospective students detailed information relating to assessment within your programme. For example:

  • What percentage of your course is graded on continuous assessment and what percentage on examinations?
  • Are there formative assessment opportunities?
  • What assessment methods are used?

TIC 1 - The Application Process

Dr. Rhodes from the School of Business, TCD, discusses the considerations of the MSc in International Management when designing an inclusive application process.

When Interviewing applicants:

  • Consider any additional needs for applicants in advance.
  • Ask prospective students if they have any particular requirements.
  • Hold interviews in accessible rooms where applicable.
  • Ensure there is timely notice of the time and location of interviews.
  • Advise prospective students of materials to be brought to interviews in good time.
  • If the interview will involve a presentation, ensure all information is circulated in good time.

Interviews: This video investigates whether student needs are considered prior to interviews to ensure an inclusive process.




Take time to complete a brief self-evaluation of your: