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With a sleek new design and enhanced features, the Echo smartpen is LiveScribe's most powerful and easy to use smartpen yet.

  • Record Audio and Ink-Smartpens capture words, diagrams, scribbles, symbols, and audio. They sync everything you hear to what you write.
  • Send and Share Notes-Easily send notes and audio as a pencast by email, or to Google Docs,2 Facebook, Evernote, or your mobile device - all from your paper!3
  • Save, Search and Organise Your Notes-Transfer notes to your Mac or PC so you can search for keywords, or create custom virtual notebooks to organise your notes.
  • Play Back Audio-Just tap on a word and your smartpen will replay the audio word for word.

How Can A Livescribe Smartpen Help You?

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What is A Livescribe Smartpen?

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More Help?

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