Juliet Cabraja

Student Intern

Juliet Cabraja is a rising fourth year PPES student specialising in Sociology and Economics. She was named a Laidlaw Scholar in Trinity's 2023 Cohort. The Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Program consists of an independent research project and volunteer work over the course of two summers alongside a series of seminars on ethics and leadership. In her first year as a scholar she completed a research project on the experiences of late-diagnosed autistic women in the period immediately following their diagnosis. For this project, Juliet conducted a semi-structured interviews with late-diagnosed women and analysed autobiographies in order to highlight the need for lived experiences in neurodiversity research. In her research report, she reviews topics including which supports the participants found the most/least useful, their personal responses to diagnosis, and their advice to other recently diagnosed women.

Juliet has also served as the DisAbility Service Representative for the Education Committee in Trinity's Student Union and as PPES Class Representative. She hopes to bring her knowledge and personal experience to her role as an intern for the DisAbility Service this summer (2024).

Juliet is particularly passionate about increased representation of autistic researchers in the field of autism and the crucial role of intersectionality in disability studies and policy. She is interested in topics related to belonging, mental health/identity, neurodiversity, and community formation.