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Trinity College Dublin Disability Service Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Cover page DS strategic plan 2020-25

The Trinity Disability Service Strategic Plan 2020-25 sets our priorities for the next five years of our inclusive university journey. We have built our strategic plan around Trinity College Dublin’s strategic mission, priorities and themes. Our people, the core of our staff and students, and our values are at the heart of our plan, while our themes, innovation, and civic engagement, underpin everything we do. Objectives will be achieved through innovative approaches and continuous review of service delivery while also maximising partnerships and joint working opportunities.

As we empower students with disabilities in achieving their potential we will work together in this partnership in co-producing activities that will engage the University community in creating an inclusive transformational environment and provide a platform for innovation and inclusion.

Trinity College Dublin Disability Service Strategic Plan 2015-2020

The Disability Service (DS) Strategic Plan (2015-2020) outlines the alignment between the DS activities and Trinity objectives, and provides information on how the DS aims and objectives will be delivered over the coming five years. The DS has embarked on a major transformation in the provision of services and organisational change, in order to achieve our ambition of being the number one choice for disabled students in Ireland.

We are committed to providing modern, integrated, high quality, and cost effective front-line services that make a real difference to the Trinity community. This will be achieved through an innovative approach and continuous review of service delivery, whilst also maximising opportunities for partnership/joint working. DS activities will be an evidenced-based service that is customer-focused and customer-facing.

Pathways to Trinity - Disability Service Strategic Plan 2011-2014:

Disability Service Strategic Plan 2011-2014 - (pdf 1.1mb)

The Disability Service has developed an Outreach, Transition, Retention and Progression Plan 2011- 2014 which aims to develop clear and effective support systems at all stages in the student journey from university entrance to graduation to employment.

  • Phase 1 Pre-entry, admission and the first year experience
  • Phase 2 Building and maintaining a university career
  • Phase 3 Progressing through Trinity to employment

Trinity and National Policy related links:

Both documents set a target of 22% for non-traditional students, including those from a socio-economically disadvantaged background, those with a disability and mature students. The previous target of 15% was exceeded in 2008, and the number of students registering with the Disability Service has increased significantly over the last 10 years.

Disability Service Annual Symposium

Disability Service First Annual Symposium 2012

Phase 1: The Disabled Student Journey a new transition model is emerging:

Disability Service Second Annual Symposium 2013

Phase 2: Models of Support for Students with disabilities on Professional Placements:

Disability Service Third Annual Symposium 2014

Phase 3: Career Pathways is a new and exciting initiative funded by the Genio Trust, which aims to support students and graduates with disabilities as they transition to employment.