About Us

The Disability Service (henceforward DS) was formally set up in June 2000 with the employment of a Disability Service Co-ordinator (the present Director). Service delivery within the DS utilises a multi-disciplinary approach, and is comprised of an experienced team of individuals who work to support the disabled student.

DS Ethos: The ethos of the Trinity College Dublin Disability Service is to move from a transactional model of provision, where students are passive recipients of support, to a transformational and sustainable model of resource usage, where students take an active part in developing essential life skills and planning their educational journey.

DS Mission: To create an accessible, transformational, educational environment in an interdependent University community and provide a platform for innovation and inclusion.

DS Vision: Engage the wider University community in empowering students with disabilities.

DS Values: Inclusive, Advocating, Collaborative, Inquisitive, Pioneering, Positive disruptors, Dynamic.

The Disability Service (DS) has two principle functions, firstly is to provide support to Trinity’s disabled community (which comprises students and staff, and indirectly; visitors) and to recommend policy and procedural changes as required. Secondly, DS ensures Trinity is compliant with the Disability Act 2005 and other relevant legislation and codes of practice. The DS has evolved and developed since the last quality review in 2005, this evolution and description of the functions are outlined below.

Trinity Disability Service Journey 1995 to 2022 (PDF)