Dr. Niamh Ryan

Dr. Niamh Ryan

Senior Research Fellow, Psychiatry


I have added significantly to the field of genomic research, both within psychiatric genomics and the wider genomics community, through large multi-centre collaborations and by developing bioinformatics tools to improve our ability to study the effect of common and rare, protein-coding and regulatory variants (SuRFR (PMID:25400697) and PECAN (under review)). These studies have led to a greater understanding of the types of genetic variants segregating in families and their possible functional roles in susceptibility to psychiatric illness. My work has further underscored the lack of knowledge about the effects of genetic variants, and crucially, on the limitations of some of the commonly used sequencing technologies to fully describe the variation (PMID:37468985). I have extensive teaching experience and more than ten years PPI and science communication experience, including organising PPI events, scientific conferences and through my role as a member of the Outreach Committee for the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC) a global research initiative involving 900+ scientists.

Research Expertise

Psychiatric genomics; pedigree studies, whole genome sequencing