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University Events Calendar

The University Events Calendar brings events from the Communications Office calendar into a calendar available in Blackboard. The entry for each event contains information such as the time it takes place at, where it is located and a description of the event. The calendar is updated every day with new events. Both staff and students can view upcoming events on the calendar. If you would like to have an event added to the calendar, please fill in this form. Please see this guide on how to access the University Events Calendar.

University Events Calendar Integration - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter an event into the calendar?

To enter an event into the University Events Calendar you must submit your event to the Communications Office through an online form. The Communications Office will respond to you within two working days confirming your event has been added to the calendar or requesting more information from you. Once the Communications Office has confirmed the event, it will appear on the University Events Calendar within 24 hours.

What should I do if I need to change the details of my event?

If you need to make any changes to your event, you should contact the TCD Communications Office.

Who can view the calendar?

Any student or staff member who has access to Blackboard will be able to view the calendar.

How often is the calendar updated?

The events in the calendar are updated once per day.

Can I use this calendar for events relating to my module?

If you want to use a calendar for events related to your module you should use your module’s calendar that is available on Blackboard. Any staff or student enrolled in your Blackboard module will then see your event’s details in their corresponding Blackboard module calendar.

Why is the end time for my event is incorrect?

If you do not specify an end time for your event when you are submitting it, it will automatically be given a default end time of two hours after the start time.

Why can’t I see old events in the calendar?

The calendar only keeps one month’s records of events.