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Grades Journey

Grades Journey allows staff to transfer assessment marks and grades directly from Blackboard into SITS.

Module Assessment Pattern (MAP) information flows into Blackboard creating weighted columns for each Module Assessment Body (MAB).

Marks and grades from Blackboard assignments can be mapped in a one-to-one method (one assignment to one column) or a many-to-one method (more than one assignment to one column). Once the marks have been finalised, they can be transferred to SITS.

If you have any questions about Grades Journey or are unsure if your module meets the requirements, please email the IT Service Desk.

There is a comprehensive training guide available via the below PDF document.

Grades Journey User Guide

It is possible to book an online Grades Journey training session for your school. You can request this by emailing the IT Service Desk.

  • The module must not be a parent/child module
  • All assignments used in the module as part of Grades Journey must be marked out of 100
  • Modules with grade only schemas can only use a one to one mapping

Modules must be signed up to Grades Journey via the Module Manager functionality of SITS. Once this has been completed, Grades Journey weighted columns will appear in the module’s Grade Centre before the college’s assessment periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Grades Journey without Blackboard assignments or with offline assignments?

Yes, you can create grade columns in the Grades Centre that are not tied to specific assignments. You can put the results of offline assignments into these grade columns and then map them to the Grades Journey weighted columns.

Can I still upload marks and grades directly into SITS?

Yes, nothing will change in relation to the standard uploading of marks and grades into SITS. Even after the module has transferred, marks and grades can still be edited in SITS.

What happens if incorrect mark/grade information is passed to SITS?

If incorrect data is transferred over, it can be adjusted and fixed in SITS.

Can Grades Journey be used for exams?

Grades Journey can be used to transfer exam marks.

Can Grades Journey be used for reassessment?

Grades Journey cannot be used for reassessment.

Can I sign my module up for Grades Journey and then decide not to use it?

Yes, there is no requirement to use Grades Journey if your module has been set up to use it.