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Staff Wi-Fi - How to connect - Linux

Submit a network request

You can only follow the instructions below once your network request has been processed and you have received an email from IT Services with important configuration information. If you have not yet submitted a network request, please follow the network request link to do so.

To connect your computer to TCDwireless network (Staff Wi-Fi Service)

In order to successfully follow the steps below you must be in an area of Trinity with Wi-Fi coverage (see the Trinity Wi-Fi coverage information page).  Please note the Wi-Fi connection steps are not identical on all versions of Linux and the IT Service Desk are not in a position to provide any Linux support beyond the provision of the information below.

  1. In Wi-Fi Settings choose Connect to Hidden Network
  2. Enter TCDwireless for the Network name
  3. If asked for ‘Wireless security’ or ‘Security Type’ choose ‘WPA2 Enterprise’.
  4. If asked for ‘Encryption type’ choose ‘AES’.
  5. If asked for ‘Authentication’ or ‘EAP Method’ choose ‘Protected EAP (PEAP)’.
  6. If asked for ‘CA Certificate’ choose ‘Do not validate’ or ‘No certificate is required’.
  7. If asked for ‘Inner authentication’ or ‘Phase-2 authentication’ choose ‘MSCHAPV2’.