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Telephone services - telephone device instructions

The instructions on this page relate to Ericsson telephones DBC3211 and DBC3212.

The type of device is indicated on a sticker on the underside of the phone.

For other models there are separate user guides available for DBC 4220 and 4222 (PDF) or DBC 4223 and 4225 (PDF), as well as an Ericsson Dialog Quick Reference guide (PDF).

There are also instructions towards the end of the page on how to ring Trinity internal extension numbers from Trinity mobile phones.

Call an internal extension

  1. Lift handset and dial the required number. You can dial '0' for the operator.

Call an external phone number

Your access for phoning non-Trinity numbers will depend on the access level of your telephone. For a phone with local ‘01’ access with Trinity Operator Access and no mobile access:

  1. For Dublin numbers first press '9' then enter the phone number, not including the area code. For all other numbers dial '0' for the operator to place the call.

Answer a second call

  1. Press the access line button (rapid flashing)
  2. The first call will automatically go on hold
  3. You can switch between both calls by pressing the relevant access line button.

Put a call on hold

  1. Press the access line button (steady light)
  2. The call is now on hold, indicated by the rapidly flashing light.

To retrieve the call

  1. Press into the access line button again.

Automatic call back

If a dialled extension is busy, on receipt of busy tone:

  1. Press the pre-programmed call back key or the digit '6'.
  2. Hang up.
  3. When the extension becomes free it will call you back, giving '12' continuous rings and the extension number on your display.
  4. Lift handset or press the call back key and you will be immediately connected to the now free extension.
    • Note: You must lift the handset before the rings stop otherwise the call back is cancelled.
  5. To cancel the call back dial #37#

Transfer a call to another extension

  1. Press the inquiry line
  2. Access line 1 will automatically go on hold
  3. Dial the required extension number
  4. Announce the call
  5. Press the transfer key
    • Note : lf the extension you are transferring the call to does not answer or is busy, press access line 1 to return to your call.

Group call pick-up

If you are a member of a call pick-up group, you may answer calls to any other member within the group:

  1. Dial 88 or * 8 #

Call diversion

If you have this facility, all your calls will be answered at a pre-programmed answering position.


If you want to re-route your calls to another internal extension:

  1. Dial * 21 * answering position number #

To cancel follow-me:

  1. Dial # 21 #

Change ring character of phone

  1. Leave handset on hook
  2. Press the Programme key
  3. Press any digit 1 - 9 and 0 (each digit gives a different ring tone)
  4. Press the Programme key.

For further assistance with any of the above please contact the IT Service Desk.