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Network points and network cables

Network points

Network points are wall-mounted ports into which you can connect a network cable from your computer in order to physically connect to the College network. Each network point has a code written on it. This code should begin or end with a D for data, not a V or T for voice (phone).

In College offices and laboratories, if a network point needs to be enabled or a new point added, the request must come from a member of staff.

To request a network point to be enabled, please fill out the network point activation form.

To request a new point be installed, please fill out the network point installation form.

Network point charges in College offices and laboratories

Where there is no existing network point the cost of installation is approximately €500 to €1000, but a contractor quote must be obtained.

For existing network points there is a €100 network connection charge (inclusive of rental for the first year) and an annual rental fee of €100 per annum thereafter. These activation charges do not apply to all locations in College, a list of exceptions is as follows:

  • College Residences
  • Dartry Office Areas
  • CRANN Building
  • Sports Hall
  • Biosciences Building
  • Biotechnology Building
  • 15/16 Westland Row
  • Unit 28, Enterprise Centre

Network cables

A network cable, sometimes referred to as an ethernet cable, is required to connect your computer to the College network.

Network cables can be purchased from the Student's Union Shop at a cost of €5 for a standard 3 metre CAT6 network cable. Residents in Trinity Hall, Dartry may purchase a network cable from the main reception office in Dartry.

Network cables are standard 3 metres in length. Thus you must ensure that the network point is within 3 metres of your network card connection.

Longer cables can be provided if required, subject to safety and technical constraints but please note there is a charge for this service. Contact the IT Service Desk to request a long network cable, indicating the required length.